How to select Outdoor Scatter Cushions

We all know that cushions are the easiest and least expensive way to spruce up a sofa or add zing to your living space – but did you know there are a few guidelines that can assist you in making fab cushion-styling choices?

Here at Sway Living, cushions are our passion….or, to be more exact; ultra-cool outdoor cushions that make you say “wow, I want!” are our passion!

Check out a few of our experts tips for selecting Outdoor Cushions:

  1. Live a little: No need to be matchy-matchy…. Life is too short to endure a lounge setting full cushions in the one design – step outside the box and mix-n-match.

  2. Themes: whether its colour, pattern, size or storey: use a combination of bold feature and complementing designs to create your ideal ‘look’.

  3. Quantity: The decorating rule of three is a good place to start! Using odd numbers when designing/decorating is aesthetically pleasing. If you have enough room – go crazy – the more the better – if your home is anything like ours – cushions will inevitably be used on the couch, by the pool and on the floor. Extras can always be stored in cushion boxes outside or in baskets inside. My sister is a cushion addict and constantly rotates her cushion themes, keeping the extra covers in the cupboard until she needs a refresh.

  4. Passion: Choose what you love. I am a great believer in going with your gut – and this applies to decorating your house too – You aren’t just decorating – you’re creating a home – a place where you and yours can relax and be yourselves – don’t feel like you need to please others with your decor choices. So many people worry, “I like it but it doesn’t match anything else at home”. My mantra is, if you love it, it’ll work!

  5. Hero piece: That one design that rises above the rest and adds ‘Pop’. That must-have item that will have everyone talking. Sway Living’s ‘Retro Tropical’ range of cushions includes heroes galore!

  6. UV resistance: An important asset in any outdoor accessory! Australia’s UV index in Summer is often rated as extreme. Sway Living cushions are treated with an extra UV resistance, which is a bit like sunblock for your cushions. It will help prevent sun damage, but remember – if you leave them exposed to constant weather, they will fade eventually! This is why we recommend storing cushions indoors or out of the weather when not in use.

  7. Fabric choice: Good styling should never compromise on comfort! After all, cushions do serve a function: As well as looking great, adding colour and making you feel happy – cushions are also remarkably comfy! – or they should be….. Unfortunately, many outdoor cushions look pretty, but are made from heavy, canvas-like fabric that has a snuggle-factor of less than zero. Here at Sway Living – we use durable, 100% polyester fabric with a soft-touch. Our cushions are durable but sooooo comfy soft, that people often use them indoors too.

  8. Cushion Care: Most outdoor cushions are made from polyester fabric – easy to clean in cold water – but remember, if your cushions have received extra UV treatment, this can be compromised with over washing. Stay away from harsh detergents and it’s a no-go for ironing! To extend the life of your cushion, store indoors when not in use.

So there you have it. Time to go shopping!

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