For Love of Tiki....

At Sway Living, we’re celebrating the return of the suburban savage….Tiki calls!

Our new range of outdoor cushions features the tropical icon, and everyones fav kitsch idol, TIKI.

After humble beginnings in 1930s America, Tiki-culture took off after WW2, continuing in popularity into the late 50s.

During the 50s, Tiki lounge bars combined stylistic Hawaiian themes with a healthy dose of fruity-rum cocktails and kitsch decor to create the illusion of a tropical paradise. The emphasis was on fun and escapism – enter a Tiki Bar such as Don The Beachcombers or Trader Vic’s and you were instantly transported to an exotic island getaway.

For the low-down on Tiki Culture and history, check out this cool read from Tiki Lounge Talk.

Today, lovers of Tiki are still in abundance. Tiki is in high demand for those who share a dedicated appreciation for vintage-style tropical decor.

Have peek at these great products for the modern Tiki enthusiast.

So whether you’re a tiki purist, or just love the occasional luau – pop on your Hawaiian shirt and enjoy a little bit of Tiki today!

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